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So the point is…

Through this blog I will document the process of developing a facebook application under the newly released api (07/08). See about me for the particulars of who I am and what I know.

While the developer community was robust, and wiki’s are helpful to an extent, I’ve already encountered critical gaps in the published material about the process of facebook application development. I hope to fill a few of those gaps, as well as condense the preexisting cloud of knowledge concerning facebook application development to what ever extent I am able.

I’ll be writing towards entry level developers, as that is what I am. I will undoubtably make mistakes in my explanations, hopefully fewer than I have already encountered in the facebook documentation, but nonetheless, I will rely on those developers who do manage to find this blog, and who actually know what they are doing to comment with corrections where necessary. Thanks in advance, you overly smart mofo’s.


Hello wizorld!

Seriously, no, seriously.  This is my first blog entry.  Queue that Madonna cassette that is still probably stuck in the Datsun my uncle rolled into the old quarry.