About me

My name is Jamie Kayser, I live and work in the Silicon Valley and I am a California licensed attorney, graphic designer, web developer, father, husband, and was recently ranked 68th in the world on xbox live’s Call of Duty 4. Ranking the above mentioned attributes in order of importance to me and my life, it is more like this: father, 68th in the world ;), husband, attorney, and bringing up the rear, yes, graphic designer, web developer, and I guess now blogger?

So my efforts at web development will be considerably retarded. And my documentation through this blog will be even further retarded. So if you are reading this, well, you may be _____.

Nonetheless, I am forming a small company, Blue J Development, to develop a web application that will initially plug into the facebook platform. Larger plans for the product involve all the major social networks as well as mobile platforms (primarily iphone and android).

I will not be documenting the larger application, but instead our initial foray into the facebook platform with an application titled, “My beard will not kill you.” I invite you all to install this application, and send invites to your friends with beards!


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